My Shining City Upon A Hill

6 thoughts on “My Shining City Upon A Hill”

  1. Rachel what a remarkable woman you are to share your trauma. I’m sure it has helped you and will help others. Keep up your strong drive for your other battles! You are an inspiration for many. Bless you. Sally


  2. I wish I knew you better. Your voice makes me want to fight with you, for you and just fight for the fuck of it. You’re words are honest and abrasive in a colorful and inviting way. I so badly want you to be healthy and happy and find the before you. Cheers, girl. I’m fighting with you.


  3. I am so very sorry for ALL that you have gone through. Thank you for speaking out. You are truly one of the bravest people I know! Though that feeling, that memory won’t ever go away, what you do with it, how you help others by telling your story is how you get to control it! Control over something in which you had no control of back then.


  4. God bless you sweet girl I,used to tell,Patsy all,any of us have when and if we wake up,is today try even through the bad days to,make the beat of it


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