All Tatted Up

5 thoughts on “All Tatted Up”

  1. What a journey❣️ I love your birds…that song has been my ringtone for 4 years now and I feel good everytime I hear it and I’m so glad you do too!
    Love to you and your family…….Debby


  2. Beautifully written. Goes straight to the heart.
    You are a role model for your children – and everyone else too.
    I’ve never loved tattoos more!



  3. 3 Little Birds has been my ringtone for years also, and it feels even more sweet now. Thank you for sharing yourself and your life. ❤️🐦🐦🐦❤️


  4. I loved this! I never thought I would get a tattoo, but finally did when our family was living at the residence inn for 3 1/2 months after our fire. I got it to symbolize my two kids and their music and how it helped me to be a rock for them during a crazy time. In March, Craig and I had scheduled to get tattoos just before the COVID crap hit the fan. Mine was to be in honor of my Mom and my sister who have both passed. Right now, they’re rescheduled for May 8, but we’ll see. Anyway, long story short, love your art and so glad you’re doing well.


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