Taking Up Residency In Cancer Town

7 thoughts on “Taking Up Residency In Cancer Town”

    1. Reading your posts over and over again is helping me through the toughest days of my life. Thank you for giving me some insight into your world. You are beautiful and brave!


  1. Thank you! You are talking about things I could never ask, anyone! Stay strong! I love your out looks on life! Love your pictures! Thanks for being honest!


  2. While our adventures in C-town have been different (you’re in the south side, I’m on the north) the essence of the experiences are the same. I truly believe your approach to this detour will play key to your recovery. I applaud your strength and courage. You’re a warrior!


  3. Rachel, I am a fellow colon cancer person. I was diagnosed in Fall of 2015 with stage 4 colon cancer that had spread to the liver and lungs. When I started, I was a cancer patient. Then I became a cancer survivor. I moved on to cancer warrior. My daughter next named me a cancer destroyer. Presently, I am a colon cancer conquerer! I am in my third battle and still winning. Pick a name that give you power. But, don’t ever claim the beast inside. They said there was cancer inside, but it has no authority to be there and it will never be “mine”. I will accept nothing less.


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